Among the tasks of stomatognathic physiotherapy, as most important, we normally state the rehab care for the patients with the TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint) dysfunction. Often the problems in this particular area are dismissed as unimportant. We have to remember though, that during the day it is the mostly used joint in our body. Main factors, which can create a mechanical dysfunction in the TMJ include malocclusion, body posture imbalances, stress and the teeth extractions. Among the movements of the TMJ we can describe the jaw lowering (opening), jaw elevating (closing), protraction, retraction and side movements.

Indications for therapy :

-motion abnormalities of temporomadibular joints

-dysfunction of the cranial nerves


-orthodontic treatment

-meningeal headache

-problem with nose and sinus

-tinnitus and ear ache


-swelling of the face after the operation

-poor body postue

-increased muscle tension during ortodontic treatment


Therapy is based on a set of appropriate techniques, according to the Orthopaedic Manual Therapy. The treatment process consists of a restoration of a muscle balance in the TMJ area and a joint mobilization in the appropriate direction. As a part of the treatment, often the procedures on a cervical and thoracic spine are introduced. Rehab plan also contains elements of kinesiotherapy (exercise plan), aimed on muscle strengthening and proprioception development.


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